BioKin wireless motion capture devices are designed to capture complex movements of human body in every situation.

BioKins low cost motion capture devices allow practitioners, such as rehabilitation therapists to remotely monitor a patient’s improvement by wireless streaming for real-time analysis and visualization, as well as long term data capture capabilities suitable for off-line monitoring. Two device platforms are available, BioKin-WMS (wireless motion sensor) and BioKin-LTM (long-term monitoring) that can be easily and quickly fitted to patients. The devices include motion capture software for PC and Andriod devices. Biokin devices are now available for therapists use. They are also available at a special price to product developers who are interested in developing software components for motion analysis.

BioKin’s motion capture system provides a comprehensive motion analysis suite for gait kinematic analysis.

Gait analysis can be applied in monitoring gait improvement, planning therapeutic interventions and to measure the outcomes of interventions. This form of analysis typically occurs in special gait laboratories equipped with gait capture and analysis systems. In contrast, Biokin’s devices can be used by a patient at home with the results being streamed directly to the therapist’s office for review. BioKin’s Gait analysis suite provides a range of functions to perform key kinematic analysis of a patient’s motion to evaluate the progress of a patient in non-laboratory conditions. The long term monitoring system can collect data for a number of days while patients are performing their daily activities in their home environment.

Modern sports and physical training programs greatly rely on player performance monitoring system.

BioKin provides an excellent platform to remotely capture and analyse player performance in real-time as well as longer term monitoring while actively participating in a sport. These low cost devices are manufactured to withstand harsh environmental conditions while safely capturing complex motion patterns. The battery life of a long-term monitoring system is 48 hours or more.

BioKin provides a developer interface for individuals and companies who are interested in developing software components for motion analysis.

If you wish to register with Biokin’s developer program (free registration) you will be provided with the data capture SDK.

Deakin University (Deakin) does not collect any personal information about you through the BioKin app. When you download the app you are not required to provide any registration details to Deakin. All data that you collect using the app is stored on your device and is not backed up to Deakin’s servers. Only you can access the data you collect. You are fully responsible for the collection, use, disclosure, security and storage of the data you collect.

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